Why you should consider phone repair as a career


There is a lot of stereotype against hands-on jobs such as being an ipad repair or Samsung repair technician. You tell someone that you are a phone repair technician and the first thought that pops up in their mind is that you are not educated or you are a dropout. Whereas this might have been true sometimes back, it is no longer the case. Today, even university graduates are working as phone repair technicians, especially in places where the rate of unemployment is high.

The salaries of high-end phone repair technicians are very comparable to those of professionals in fields that don’t have so much demand. It is all a matter of where you locate your shop, how you treat your customers, your level of skill and experience, and how well your staff is in all aspects. The size of your operation is also very vital. Thus, you should consider working as a technician because there are a lot of benefits that come along with it.

The investment you need is not very big

With the right tools and a space to work from, you can launch your phone repair business and make money while making a name. The amount of investment you need to start is very small compared to other fields. Even if you can’t afford to pay for space to operate from, you can start by visiting potential customers in their homes or workplaces yourself. Once you have made enough, you can rent space and establish a shop for your new business.

If you travel to the client, you have to charge an additional convenience fee. If your skills are good and you deliver quality results, clients will be more than happy to pay you for the transportation. They can even tip you and ask you to keep change after delivering service.

The tools needed are not very expensive either and you can always find second-hand tools easily and cheaply online.

Do it for the respect and reputation

Being a good technician will earn you a lot of respect among customers and other technicians. More reputation will easily convert into more money and soon you can launch multiple outlets to operate from. You will earn respect if you can keep the timelines you give to your customers, are able to deliver quality results, and remain honest in all your dealings with customers and fellow professionals.

Consider the bright future

Phone repair is an industry that is growing very fast with a good future. Many people own phones today and it is even more common to see people maintaining two or multiple phones. Every person who has attained the age where they can operate a phone has one. Thus, you can never idle around if you are a good technician. You will own people’s trust, which will make them to look for you whenever they have problems.

Even if you lose a client, you can always be sure of getting new ones because phones never stop having problems.

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