101 Guide On Video Editing As A Beginner In 2022


Video editing is an art that can make your audience melt. Earlier, it was not everyone’s cup of tea to edit a video, but today, almost everyone is aware of the basics of video editing. Currently, most reels on Instagram are edited just by using a phone, and those reels are taking over the internet. Editing your videos can really make your videos pop out, whether it is for fun or work. Editing is the last in the video-making process. There are various free video editor app available today to make your videos watchworthy.

Basics of Video Editing

You need to have a good camera and video editing compatible software. Once you have acquired the footage, you have to review all of the footage; if you need to delete anything, go ahead and lastly organize all the files and folders and create plenty of backups. You have chosen which editing software works best for you and your project. Make sure to select the video editing software that is easier to work with and has an excellent range of transitions and effects. You are required to have a good camera and video editing compatible software. As a beginner there are free resources available for video editing such as free online video editor, video maker and movie maker.

  • Have the right tools

Today there are numerous video-editing apps available. You don’t need high-tech quality equipment to ace your game at video editing. First, decide what hardware you will use, whether a laptop, desktop, or tablet. Next, select a video editing software based on the hardware. Now you are all set to start. You can shape your video with one of the best video editing app available.

  • Have a pre-prepared plan

Video editing sounds like an exciting job, but it is no joke. Without a proper plan, it will become a tedious task. However, when you know what the project is, it makes the editing process more manageable. First, make yourself familiar with the raw footage; see if the footage shown aligns with what you want your audience to see. Then, select the clips you want to use and delete all unnecessary to avoid any mistakes.

  • Create a timeline

As you have the clips you want to use, you can start by placing the pins in chronological order. On the timeline, the clips are organized into their final order. The timeline is where the last video takes place.

  • Begin editing the video

You can now begin editing the videos once the clips have been assembled. Firstly, trim out the dead space. Next, cutting and splitting clips need to be done wherever required. Finally, you can add transitions to the video. After that, you can do all the editing that’s needed.

  • Tone the editing

Video editing is an extensive process; once you have all the clips, basic editing, graphics, photos, and titles and subtitles, you can now refine your edit by cutting down all that is unnecessary and not needed. This process helps shape your video and convey the message you want your audience to hear.

  • Audio

Audio is crucial in the process of video editing. Make sure that the audio is compatible with the video. Play the video a few times and check it a few times to see that it is making sense. As a beginner there can use royalty-free audio to add to your video. Make sure that the audio is clear and well understood.

As a newbie try to build your skills and confidence with various video editor free resources as much as possible.


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