Casinos are generally game arenas where certain games are being played. The games are referred to as casino games and they include blackjack, craps, poker, roulette, pachinko, bingo etc.

These casino games evolved to accommodate the use of internet to play them. The online games are automated for the convenience of the player. Most online casino games have won the hearts of many players making their former methods seem archaic. An example of the online casino is gclub. Players regularly สมัครจีคลับ.

Online casinos vs its predecessor

  • Online casino games are played at online casinos via the internet. Meanwhile, physical casino games are played at regular physical casinos. This has given brick and mortar casinos the opportunity to beautify their buildings with prestigious equipment. Tons of physical casinos exist alongside expensive magnificent hotels.
  • The online version of casino games is played with the use of randomly generated numbers or results. Online casino games also permit the use of live actions like traditional casinos to determine the outcomes used in games such as the roll of dice, dealing of cards and rolling of wheels. These online games make use of sophisticated video cameras and tech experts to make the game a success. Hence, they are costlier than the regular online casino games. Its predecessor games are generally more expensive than the online games. This is due to the high cost of maintenance of the gaming facilities while the latter spends minimal or no cost on the maintenance of the casino. Gaming equipment is very expensive to maintain.
  • The percentage of odds offered at online casinos can’t be compared with those of its predecessor in terms of increased probability. This implies that players are more likely to win games at an online casino than at the physical casino.
  • The transactions of the online casinos are automated. This increases the speed, ease, convenience and efficiency of transactions. These transactions include deposit of money and withdrawal of cash won.
  • Traditional casinos do have a major disadvantage when compared with online casinos. Traditional casinos have limited space for lots of games. Even the biggest physical casinos have limited space for games in relation to a regular online casino. Online casinos have unlimited space and can offer a variety of games.
  • Online casino games are not restricted to specific locations like traditional casino games. They can be played at anytime and anywhere the player chooses to play. The games played at physical casinos are restricted to certain locations-where the casinos are situated.
  • Players can trust games at physical casinos than those at online casinos. This is because they can relate to these games in person and believe cheating would be minimal compared to games with a virtual operator.
  • Online casinos offer multiple bonuses in comparison with its predecessor. The bonuses are also higher in value.


The introduction of online casino games has in no way erased the existence of its predecessor (physical casino games). Players still visit these physical casinos from time to time.

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