How to Boost Your Visibility With Instagram Followers


With the explosion of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – along with the corresponding surges in online traffic – it can be easy to forget about one of the most important social platforms around – Facebook.

However, a new study by Forrester Research, the investment banking firm found that over 60% of marketers are neglecting the opportunity to boost their visibility with Facebook fans.

This may be surprising, given the huge fan base enjoyed by many of the biggest names in the business; however, it does illustrate why it should be an important strategy for businesses to take advantage of.

According to the research, the most effective way to boost your visibility with real Instagram followers is to link your page to your main website or blog. There are indeed some ways to do this which may not work as well as others.

You can use Facebook’s sidebar widget or feature integration, which may not be as effective. Another option is to use Facebook’s “Like” function, which will allow fans of yours to tag your page, making it easier to find in the news feed.

However, if you want to get more bang for your buck, you should look into customizing your page to include the URL of your main site, blog, or page – which will ensure people are aware of your presence, no matter what they are doing.

Of course, you should also make use of the power of YouTube, even if it is not your main venue for marketing. As long as you keep your content interesting and relevant to your audience, you should be able to draw in a lot of Instagram followers.

YouTube, of course, has a limit on the number of maximum viewers allowed per video, so make sure you abide by their rules; otherwise, you could find yourself being blocked from YouTube.

In addition to drawing in more followers, you should also focus on creating original videos. In this way, your page will gain credibility – something that will pay off in the form of organic views and, ultimately, revenue.

Once you have gained some followers, don’t forget about them. Keep in touch with them, encouraging communication and engagement as well as your other social accounts. This will not only help establish your credibility as a real person, but it can also serve as a great promotional tool.

If you are involved in the business, at some point you will most likely need to engage with your followers – and having that initial communication will go a long way towards making that engagement meaningful.

The secret is to stay organized. One of the reasons so many businesses fail because there is chaos over their social media accounts is because there is no system in place to keep track of posts and replies.

To avoid this, set up a page to which you will respond to comments and questions. Post links to your pages on all of your other social accounts, too. Even if you are just replying to a comment on Facebook, it’s a great way to spread the word about your page.

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