Grey Hardwood- The Flooring Trend that Never Goes Out of Fashion!


 The color of your hardwood floor plays a critical role in determining the look of your home. You should decide whether to go for contrasting or complementary colors and if you don’t do this right, you won’t achieve the desired look. One of the popular colors is grey; it’s favorite among many owners- and for a good reason. What’s more? It has stood the test of time and is a trend that’s here to stay.

How can I choose an appropriate hardwood color for my home?

First of all, think of whether to go for contrasting or complementary colors. If you have dark-colored furniture, avoid dark hues. Instead, go for medium tones. Ensure that your color tone remains the same in all your rooms. Also, think of the traffic, wear and tear in your home. By choosing the most suitable flooring color, you eliminate the need for regular painting.

Most people fancy dark colors since they conceal scratches and dents. However, they tend to wear faster than their lighter counterparts. They also look dusty after cleaning, and experts recommend medium-colored hues like grey.

Your taste also matters. If you love that classic look, go for natural unstained wood with brown stains. However, if you fancy that chic interior look, black or dark grey wood flooring would be ideal.

What makes grey hardwood floors unique?

Grey hardwood flooring has been around for years. At first, most interior designers dismissed it as a fad. But, it seems that these floors are not going anywhere soon. There are various reasons to install grey hardwood flooring in your home. These are;

  1. Versatility

 Grey is a neutral color, and we are all aware that such hues form an integral aspect of the interior design industry. Grey blends in well with many colors and décor styles. Still, its rich-soothing tone doesn’t distract the theme of your home. Instead, it complements it and brings intense energy into your space.

  1. Creates the illusion of space

Grey is a light color shade and will open up your room, creating the illusion of a bigger space. However, you can use it even in the bigger rooms in your home and enjoy that spacious and charming look. If you choose wide planks, you’ll light your colored walls and furniture, which brings about a more attractive yet unique look.

  1. Calming effects 

Neutral floor hues bring calming effects into your rooms. Gray flooring will help create that serene environment that calms your mind after a stressful day. Most people love a relaxing atmosphere in the home, and grey hardwood flooring will help you achieve this and more. It’s an ideal choice for anyone looking to create that calming space in the home.

In summary

Grey hardwood flooring comes with numerous benefits. It offers a lot of flexibility and comes in various shades. It will light up your rooms and create the impression of a bigger space. However, you get excellent results only when you purchase your hardwood flooring from reputed vendors or manufacturers.

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