Essential Key Factors to Consider When Renting Bounce Houses


Renting a bounce house will make your child’s birthday more memorable. Every bounce house rental company has its own rules regarding how the house will be used during the event. It may also give the minimum weight and height it can accommodate at once. Playing in the bounce house is a super fun activity for every kid. If you have decided to rent the device for your kid’s birthday, there are some factors you need to consider. The key factors will help you choose the best bounce house that will accommodate all the kids attending the party. There are innumerable bounce house rentals you can visit for instance bounce house rentals Orlando.

Here are some of the key factors you need to take into consideration.

1.   The reputation of the renting company

One of the key factors is to consider the reputation of that particular company. A reputable company will offer the best services. You can read reviews from past clients who have previously rented bounce houses from that company. Positive reviews will reveal that the company delivers the best services. You can also check the company’s ratings. Testimonials on the website and online platform will also help in confirming their reputation. You can also ask friends or relatives to recommend the best company to rent the bounce house from. Dealing with a reputable company will help relieve your stress regarding whether the bounce house will be delivered to the venue or not.

2.   The available space and power requirements

You should confirm the available space in your venue since bounce houses come in different sizes and shapes. This will enable you to select the bounce that will fit the available space in your venue. You should also check the power requirements of the device. This will help you have the right number of circuits in your venue. Most of them will probably require only one circuit, but if you need many bounce houses, you will be required to increase the number of circuits. Make sure there is a power connection to avoid delays at your party. It is always advisable to figure out your electrical requirements in advance. In case you will require a generator, then inform the rental company in advance as they can provide that as part of after-sales service. You can rent a generator if you are hosting the event in a public park. In case you are hosting the party in your compound, then you can use an extension cord.

3.   The number and age of kids

There is a need to consider the age and number of kids, as these will help you choose the right size. For instance, if the kid’s age range is between 8-10 years, you will require a smaller bounce house. This will in turn help you stick to your fixed budget. The number of kids will also determine the size and shape of the bounce house to rent. Every type of bounce house has a limit on the minimum capacity it can accommodate at one time. Do not have many kids in the bounce house at once. This is because the kids may get injured. Always have the right number of children in the bounce house by allowing them to take turns. It will be challenging for the smaller kids to jump in the bounce house with the bigger ones. This is another reason why you should consider the age of the kids. In case the adults would like to have fun in a bounce house, you should consider adding another, bigger bounce house.

4.   The certification of the company

You should consider if the company is licensed to conduct that particular business. It should also have a copy of the certificate of liability insurance. As a client, you can ask about the type of insurance they have. This will guarantee you compensation in case the kids get hurt due to the structural malfunction of the bounce house. Structural malfunctions can rarely happen, but to be on the safe side, you should rent from a company that can compensate you in case it happens.  Remember that the company will only cover risks that may occur due to the malfunctioning of the device. You need to watch over your kids so that they do not get hurt while playing.

You will also get to sign the security liability waiver once the delivery has been done. This implies that you should take care of the equipment during the event. But before signing the form, you should first inspect the equipment. This will help determine whether the bounce house is in good condition or not.  The person who made the delivery should fix the problem or inform the rental company about the issue. Once you sign the form, it means you have already accepted the bounce house as it is.  It is always advisable to inspect to ensure there are no tears or rips on the bounce house. You should return it to the company when it is in good condition. As a client, you will also have to get a written contract from the company. The rental company needs to provide everything in writing to serve as evidence. The date of delivery and the charges should be presented in writing. You should also check the emails sent to you through email, as this will also prove the legality of the business. You can use the information to sue the company if they fail to fulfill the requirements after the payments have been made.

While using the bounce house, it is always advisable to adhere to safety measures. Some of the safety measures include:

  • Always be aware of deflation. In case a bounce house deflates with kids inside, accidents may occur hence causing injuries. You need to know how the inflator works to prevent such injuries.
  • Ensure the kids have removed shoes, and jewelry before using the inflatable house as they may puncture the bounce house.
  • Do not allow the kids to use the bounce house when there are strong winds. Securing the bounce house with heavy-duty metal stakes is the ideal thing to do.
  • Always supervise your kids when using the bounce house. Ensure the kids are not pushing each other while in the bounce house as this may cause harm to them.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, there are many considerations to make when renting a bounce house. The above article illustrates some of the factors one can consider. The tips will help you choose the right size of bounce to accommodate both kids and adults.

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