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As the internet has grown as well as bandwidth from home connections, more online applications have been developed. These are great because you can use full applications in your browser without having to download them to your system. They can be used on any computer having all your data on them. Find out what some of the best applications are for 2010.

Google Docs and Zoho are the two most popular online office suites. These are almost full office suites that you can use from any computer to get your document and spreadsheet work done with. There are many other features that are additional to just these two functions. If you need to use an office suite, consider using one of these two free services.

Dropbox is something that does work on your desktop, but it can be used online as well. For free you can get 2 gigabytes of space that you can put your documents on. You can access this from any computer. It’s a great way of having access to your important data from anywhere.

Meebo is a great web application since it can sync up multiple instant messaging accounts. You can sign in on a variety of popular services at the same time and chat with your friends. This is much easier to do than having 3 or more desktop applications running at once.

For music, Pandora is the most popular. It will stream music all day long on your computer or your phone. You can listen to popular stations all day long hearing the music that you really enjoy.

Pixlr is an image editing program that you can use online. It’s not full featured like Photoshop but is good enough to get your basic photo editing done. Save your money and use this free online application.

If you need some project management software, use something called Basecamp. This will let you sync tasks and things to do with others so that you can get major projects done with a team.

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