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Augmented reality (AR) may be the latest revolution within the technological sector that superimposes virtual reality within the real life atmosphere. The present augmented reality technology handles live computer generated imagery that’s enhanced using various software applications applications. For instance, you may put on transparent glasses or notice a screen outfitted having a camera (like mobile phone device) where they are able to see real life atmosphere in addition to virtually produced computer generated imagery. Ronald T. Azuma defines augmented reality technology as you that “i. combines the real life using the virtual world, ii. is interactive and instantly and iii. is registered in 3 dimension.”

Nowadays, augmented reality applications uses three types of displays. They’re:

1. Handheld devices for example smartphones like iPhone and android phone.

2. Mind mounted display that may be worn on mind or affixed onto head gear. A few of the examples are HUD (manages display) helmets worn by fighter jet pilots and also the prototype of Google Project Glass.

3. Spatial display that utilizes projectors to show computer generated imagery onto certain surface.

AR has changed a lot that now it’s been put in use within a large field of applications. Varying from gaming industry to modern warfare, augmented reality plays a pivotal role in enhancing viewing experience or assisting the consumer. Let’s undergo a few of the applications continues to be implemented.

Air pressure – in air pressure, fighter pilots uses HMD (Mind Mounted Display) AR technology that may display various data for example jet speed, altitude, horizon line, etc. directly on their helmet’s visor. The pilot does not even need to consider the various instruments around the jet’s dashboard. This is exactly why it’s also referred as HUD (Manages Display). It will help them to focus on the battlefield and plan their strategy accordingly.

Education – there are many mobile application developed that may give description, details and figures from the historic monuments or structures. The consumer merely has to suggest their mobile phone at this the monument and all sorts of details and figures will instantly be shown onto their mobile phone screen.

Navigation – navigation is easily the most appropriate application for AR technology. Coupled with Gps navigation, AR can allow the consumer to navigate from point A to suggest B. Presently Android application Wikitude makes use of this technology. In addition, some vehicle manufacturers will also be attempting to make use of this technology for his or her windshield. Their purpose would be to profit the driver to obtain the route by displaying the path information right to the car’s windshield.

Information – there’s an apple iphone and android application known as layar that displays various real-time information for example ATM, Service Station, Cinema, Business, etc. that’s round the user around the mobile phone screen. In addition, by hitting a certain point of great interest, the applying also offers the best path to achieve there.

Aside from above, there are many other applications where AR technologies are used for example medical, gaming, advertising, entertainment plus much more. However, we’ve got the technology continues to be evolving and who understand how far it’ll get enhanced.

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