What Should Be the Ideal Dosage of CBD Tinctures for Pain Management?


The health benefits of CBD are well-known. It is known to reduce inflammation, ease pain, promote sleep, and relieve anxiety. Like any other medicine, you need to take an ideal dosage of Cannabidiol tinctures for pain management. But how do you know the ideal dosage?

Before discussing the ideal dosage, you need to understand the difference between CBD oil and tincture.

What Is A Cannabidiol Tincture?

CBD tincture and oil have several differences. The Cannabidiol tincture is an alcohol-based extract, and CBD manufacturers use a high-proof solvent to distill the natural compounds of the cannabis plant.  The alcohol is used in the finished product.

Any alcohol-based CBD product will have 60 to 70% alcohol.  The Cannabidiol tincture has a longer shelf life, around 2-3 years, but they have a bitter taste.

Factors That Determine Cannabidiol Tincture Dosage

The right amount of CBD depends on various factors

  • Your body chemistry
  • Your body weight
  • The condition you are treating
  • The concentration of CBD in the tincture

It is always good to talk to your doctor and express your interest in taking CBD as medication. Depending on your condition, the doctor will recommend a dosage to treat your condition. If you have not visited a doctor but intend to try CBD, start with smaller doses.

Initial Dosage

Initially, you can start with a 20mg to 40mg CBD dose for a day. After one week, you can increase the dosage by 5 mg.  You need to continue with the treatment and increase the dose by 5mg every week until CBD effectively treats your symptoms.

CBD Dosage For Severe Pain

If you are taking CBD tincture to treat severe pain, you can start with a 40mg dose. After one week, you can increase the dosage by 5mg, taking a 45mg dose. After two weeks, increase the dose by 5 mg again.  At the 50 mg dose, you might get a feeling that pain has become more bearable.

Product Profile

  • Potency– the Cannabidiol tincture is supplied in bottles and available in different concentrations. The product label on the bottle mentions how many mg of CBD in a single drop. From this information, you can determine how many drops you need to take.

How To Take A Cannabidiol Tincture Dose?

The Cannabidiol tincture is generally taken in two ways as follows.

Sublingual Method– you can place a few drops of CBD under your tongue. It will allow the body to absorb the CBD directly in blood vessels bypassing the digestive system.

Add To Food– you can also add Cannabidiol tincture drops in your beverage or recipe. You can add CBD drops to tea, coffee, water, chocolate, cocoa, and other beverages. If you want to take it with food, you can add CBD drops while food preparation, while serving, or after serving food.  You can also add CBD drops to baked goodies like cakes and cookies.

To sum up, cannabidiol tinctures are potent. They are generally available in different concentrations. You should always consult a doctor to know the ideal dosage. Taking a high dosage of CBD will only lead to more side-effects, and high dosages do not translate into more benefits. Hence, it would help if you always take a smaller dose of cannabidiol tincture.

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