Popular variants of the poker game: 


In the last few years, poker has gained a lot of popularity. Among these years, there have been some variants of poker. These variants of poker games are becoming the center of attraction for a lot of people. When you play online, some poker online terpercaya sites offer many popular types of poker games. The popular variants include Omaha poker, stud poker, seven-card stud, and Texas Hold’em.

Omaha poker: 

This poker variant is the most played version of poker. It includes two major variations such as,

  • Omaha Hi/Lo
  • Traditional Omaha game

Omaha Hi/Lo and traditional Omaha game: 

In a traditional Omaha game, the player who has the highest hand wins the pot. In the Omaha Hi/Lo, the player who has the highest hand and the player who has the lowest hand splits the pot. The latter version of this game is known as Omaha/8. This game is more famous in the casino as compared to the traditional Omaha games. Players play this game at a set limit or pot limit. For the beginners, it is suggested to play the game at a play limit.

How to play Omaha games? 

There are nine to ten players in the Omaha Hi/Lo games. In this game, there is a rotating blind system, and the players are required to set the limit of the money for each hand. When the betting round starts, the score between 8 is placed at low hand. The player who has the highest hand requires splitting the pot with the player who has a low hand. To qualify for the low hand, you must have five unpaired cards whose ranks are lower than 8.

Stud poker variation: 

This game is based on seven-card stud poker, but it has a few different features, such as wild cards. When you play the game at the dealer’s choice, it becomes a more fun game. There are several games in the stud poker variation. Some of these are listed below,


In this game, the lower hand player wins the pot. The lowest possible form would be from A to 5. As this is a low hand game, so ace is so considered as low. The hand combination from ace to five is considered as a bike or a wheel. It is present in both online and land casinos.


This game is also known as Black Mariah. It is the split-pot variant of the seven-card stud. The player who has the highest hand winner splits the pot with the player who has the highest spade among it. In some rare cases, the player wins both the highest spade and hand and wins the entire pot.

Follow the queen 

It is the same as that of the seven-card stud game. The only difference is the presence of the wild card. In this game, the card dealt chooses on the wild card. If the queen dealt face-up, then the next card dealt face-up becomes the wild card. The wild card follows the queen, so the game is called follow the queen.

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