How Long Can Cannabis Edibles Stay Fresh?


With the Covid and other unrest around the world, it won’t be uncalled to plan for next year before it arrives. Edibles are already a part of many’s cannabis line up, while others are planning to let go of smoking and switch to edibles due to health concerns. Perhaps you’re one of those planning to stock up with enough edible for the new year and wonder how long they can last without losing the considerable value of the cannabis effect.

Do Edibles Have The Same Shelf Life As Regular Foods?

Yes! Cannabinoids don’t alter the shelf life of food as long as it is introduced appropriately. This practically means a cannabis-infused butter is expected to last as long as the regular butter considering it is produced properly. Edibles have a very good shelf life, but it is advisable not to stock up for more than six months if you are stocking. Most edibles from an online dispensary in Canada have expiration dates like regular products.

For the kitchen creatives – people that make their own edibles. It is essential you consider the non-infused type of product you are trying to make, how long you can store them, how you can keep them, and conditions that affect them, as the cannabinoid would have no effect on the food’s shelf life. The shelf life of the food in which cannabis is infused is what matters.

Do Edibles Lose Potency?

Definitely, but this happens very slowly over time. The THC of the flower should remain the same over a period of four to six months as long as it is not tampered with in storage. CBD on its own is a very stable cannabinoid, so it remains the same over time. Factors that can increase the loss of potency in any edible are the availability of oxygen to the product’s interior, the acidic or basic nature of the storage environment, and the edible production method.

However, asides from the expiration date, the label of any edible or weed product contain loads of valuable information that consumers should keep in mind. Most labels contain guidelines on storage, dosage, nutritional value, etc., which could help you get the most value from the products.

All things considered, edibles can have a very long shelf life, the same as regular food products. Like any other food product found in any grocery shop, edibles without preservatives will spoil quicker than edibles with preservatives. Always check labels, best-before dates, and expiration dates when stocking up to feel comfortably safe until your next shopping date. Be sure also to pay adequate attention to appropriate storage.

For creative weed enthusiasts, study infusion methods before using them to ensure you are using the right and healthy process. Also, be sure to consider how long that cheap weed has stayed before infusing into edibles. It might not affect the shelf life, but you might also be losing out on the value of the cannabis after a short while. THC might not retain its efficacy after more than six months.

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