Great Design Ideas for your Exterior Business Space


Whether you have a retail outlet, an office, or even a dental clinic, the exterior says a lot about your business, and therefore, great care should be taken when designing any commercial exterior space. How would you feel if you approach an office, only to be met with a drab and unkept exterior? Image is everything in business, and the exterior space should be both functional and attractive, and with some professional help, you can make a statement by designing an outdoor space that complements your business. Here are just a few ideas to give you some inspiration when looking to create the right ambience around your business premises.

Water Features

There’s something very relaxing and soothing about water, and with a hi-tech pump and computer control, you can have a water wall that actually changes colours. Each water feature would be specifically designed for the space it occupies, and whether it is the outdoor dining area in your restaurant, or a small corner garden outside the office, a water feature really does transform any outdoor space. If you take a look at some of the landscape design projects in Singapore, you can see how stunning water features can be, and with pumps that are powered by solar energy, the feature pretty much takes care of itself.

Corner Rockeries

A few cubic metres of topsoil and an assortment of rocks can transform a corner area, and with some creeping fauna, the feature will eventually blend in with its surroundings. When combined with a small area of lawn, a rockery adds both colour and depth to any exterior space, and if you would like to see what a landscape design specialist can do, a simple online search is all it takes to make contact with a professional who designs outdoor areas for a living.

Covered Walkways

A timber trellis can provide the framework, and with the right plants, it doesn’t take long for a natural walkway to grow, and if you approach a landscape designer with your ideas, they can create an ideal covered walkway that blends in with the shading. Softscaping involves using trees, shrubs and flowers to create attractive features, which can be used to conceal inanimate objects like staircases, walls and fencing, and there really is no limit to how you do that.

Floor Level Lighting

A few small LED spots concealed behind potted plants offer a warm and inviting ambience, and lighting embedded into pathways also makes for an attractive feature, especially with the wide scope you have with LED lighting. LED strips can be a very effective way to illuminate an outdoor area, and draping a few thin strips over trees can give you a Disney type feel, which certainly looks different.

The Internet offers a wealth of free resources, and Googling “innovative garden designs” will surely give you some inspiration, and there are also professional landscape design firms who can really create something unique that looks like it belongs.



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