Do You Need Heavy Duty Caster Wheels?


Caster wheels are everywhere you look and for the past 150 years, they have made all the difference when it comes time to move heavy things.

When you’re shopping for caster wheels, there are many variations to consider. Shape, design, and material can vary in a huge number of ways from one product to another and each option serves a unique purpose. The first question many as, though, is all about load.

So when do you need to upgrade to a heavy-duty caster wheel and when can standard wheels suffice?

Load Capacity/Weight Limit

The easy way to answer this question is to look at how much weight each of these wheels can hold.

When figuring the total amount of weight you need a wheel to carry, there is some math involved. First, get the weight of the machine or cart that you need your wheels to hold. Then, it is a common safety measure to add 33% to that to ensure you stay within limits.

From there, simply divide that total weight by the number of wheels you plan to use. As a simplified example, if you have a 100-pound cart that needs wheels, you can calculate the load capacity you need by adding 33 lbs (33%) and dividing by the 4 wheels you plan to use. That means each wheel needs to be able to hold roughly 33 lbs of weight.

With that figure in mind, you can start your research.

Various material and design elements can change a wheel’s load capacity, but generally, standard wheels can hold up to somewhere between 1,000 to 3,000 pounds. Heavy duty caster wheels can often hold between 2,000 and 22,000 pounds.

Be sure to check the weight limit on your wheels before making a purchase.

Common Uses

If you work in one of these industries or have needs similar to any of these, you are likely going to need to opt for the heavy-duty option.

Some of those common uses are manufacturing facilities with heavy machinery, aerospace and aircraft manufacturing, and shipping container mobilization. When you think of other situations that require the easy mobilization of heavy equipment or materials, heavy-duty casters are likely involved.

When you’re shopping for casters to make your job easier or more manageable, make sure you are careful to select the design, material, and load capacity to get your unique job accomplished safely and efficiently.

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