Different Ways to Keep Photo Books Safe


Photos are great for reliving and preserving cherished memories. You can preserve your photos using different methods, including photo books, among the most effective and long-lasting storage methods. Many people still prefer to preserve photos using cute, trendy photo books with the advancement in technology. Creating a photo book can be a straightforward and fun experience using the right editing platform such as MixBook, which provides tools and templates to facilitate the entire process. Your final product is based on different factors, including your choice of paper, layout, design, and cover type.

How can you preserve your photo book?

Certain factors like storage contribute to how fast your photo book may age. Below are some practices to help you keep your photo book safe.

Handle your photo book with care

Photo book’s pages are made out of archival paper. Although photo books are quite durable, certain substances such as oil and dirt may damage the paper quality. Make sure to wash your hands using soap and clean water before touching your photo book. It is also essential to protect the photo papers using glass or a frame. Use your fingertips when turning pages. If you have a fingerprint on your paper, buff it out gently using a soft dry cloth.

Store your book at room temperature

Natural elements such as humidity and sunlight have damaging effects on your photo books. Avoid storing your photo books in places with a lot of humid including your basement area. High humidity levels may cause moisture to get locked between photo pages. This, in turn, causes the papers to stick together. Separating the papers may result in ripping, and the quality of your pictures may also be affected. Moisture in your books may also result in the growth of mold and mildew. Your photo book may also change in color upon exposure to direct sunlight. It is therefore essential to regulate the natural elements in your place of storage.

Lay flat

Placing your photo books in a vertical position may cause warping on the pages. If you arrange your books on a bookshelf, you should place them horizontally or lay them flat.

Keep out of high traffic areas.

Store your photo books in places with little to no movements, and only bring them out on special occasions when viewing is necessary. Your books are bound to get stains from spilled drinks or water when placed in busy spaces. The pages of a photo book contain an emulsion that sticks to the subsequent pages upon wetting. Children may also tear the pages apart when playing. It is therefore vital to keep your books out of children’s reach.

Use storage boxes

You can purchase boxes specially designed to store your photo book. These boxes offer a controlled environment to protect your photo book from the human factor, dust, and UV light. Keeping your photo books in a box is a great way to avoid staining and warping the papers.

Having memories is priceless. It is therefore essential to observe the above practices to pass down photo books to your next generation. Visit the MixBook page to create a personalized photo book for yourself, friends, or family.

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