All you Need to Know About Skin Whitening Creams


While people in the west are trying to tan their skin in both natural and unnatural ways, those who live in sunny Asia are looking to lighten their skin complexion, and there are many skin whitening products available today. How do they work? The answer lies in melanin, a substance that the body naturally secretes to darken the skin to protect it, and with skin whitening products, the melanin production is interrupted, this making the skin look a little lighter.

Skin Lightening Vs Skin Brightening

Actually, there is a difference between skin lightening and skin brightening, as the whitening process affects the melanocytes, which in turn, control the production of melanin. Skin brightening, on the other hand, exfoliates the skin, helping to remove the dead skin cells that naturally accumulate. Simply put, skin lighteners are inhibitors that interfere with the natural melanin creation process, while skin brighteners exfoliate, which leaves the skin looking brighter. There is a Thailand-based OEM cosmetic manufacturer that produces a brightening cream (Known as ผลิต ครีม ผิว ขาวin Thai) which really does work, and they can be found with an online search.

Ginseng Root

This herb is known to be used in the making of skin brightening and whitening products, coming from Korea, Ginseng Root is widely used in the manufacture of health and beauty products, as it contains saponins that restore and nourish the skin.

Dangerous Products

Avoid any skin whitening product that contains Mercury, as this can be very harmful, with continued use that might lead to irreversible kidney disease. Whenever you are thinking of buying beauty products, take a good look at the ingredients, as there are sometimes dangerous chemicals used in the making of certain products.

Birds Nest

This naturally created substance is also widely used in the making of skin whitening creams, as it is rich in collagen, fibre, protein and minerals, which nourish the skin while also reducing the melanin production that causes skin to darken. Collecting these birds’ nests does not harm the birds in any way, as they simply make another nest, and the practice of collecting nests involves climbing to very high heights, which is very dangerous for the climbers.

Light Skin in Asian Countries

Having light skin in an Asian country is not really about fashion, but more about social standing, as people tend to believe that if an Asian person has pale skin, then they did not have to do manual work in their younger days, and whether you think that skin colour is not important, there is a huge market for skin whitening products in countries like Thailand and Malaysia. With celebrities sporting pale skin and lots of commercials that show young people with white skin enjoying life, the ancient belief that white skin opens doors is still as strong as it ever was.

Online Solutions

If you would like to view an extensive range of skin whitening products, search for an online supplier, and remember to check the ingredients to ensure that the product is safe to use. Once you have found a good supplier, you can easily reorder online, and you should allow a couple of months to see the results of using skin whitening or brightening products.

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