Why Big Bike Touring is So Popular in Australia?


Australia is both a country and a continent with so many different climates and environments, and Australian people have always embraced the outdoor lifestyle and love touring. Big bikes have always been very popular, especially touring bikes, and with a few saddle bags and packs, you can carry all your camping gear and take off for a unique holiday.

Freedom and the Open Road

Armed with a map, a full tank of fuel and a desire for adventure, big bike touring offers a unique travelling experience, and many Australians make good use of the many camp sites that offer very affordable accommodation for the two wheeled adventurer. Of course, the major investment is your bike, and Yamaha have a great range of touring machines, and with Yamaha motorcycle insurance, you are covered for every eventuality.

Total Independence

With no hotel bookings, you are free to go wherever you wish, and you can stay at any little gem you find for as long as you like. If the ideal of an unplanned adventure appeals, then get yourself a map, pack your provisions on your Yamaha touring bike and head off into the sunset. If, on the other hand, you prefer to plan a route and a schedule, the Internet can really help with this, and touring on a big bike means low fuel expenses, especially when compared to a campervan


Many young couples opt to tour on their big bike, and if you book accommodation ahead of time, you don’t need to take any camping gear, and with some careful packing, everything you both need can be fitted on the bike. Once you have kids, this option is no longer practical, and many young couples take advantage of the fact they have the freedom to set off and explore the wilderness on two wheels.

Google Maps

It used to be a real struggle to find places on the map, which usually involved parking the bike and unrolling the map to see where you are, yet with a smartphone holder fitted on the handlebars, Google maps can be your navigator.

The Unknown

This is one of the major attractions of big bike touring, as you can literally pick a direction, head off down the highway and see where it takes you. There’s real adventure is just packing up and heading down the road, with no particular agenda, plus you have the freedom to stay as long as you wish, regardless of where you are. Sydney and the Hunter Valley offer some spectacular views, and as we have such good roads in Australia, bike touring is a sheer pleasure.

Touring Big Bikes

You really do need at least a 500cc engine on a touring bike, with many riders opting for a machine with a 750cc 4-cylinder four stroke engine that can run all day at 90kph, plus with the right suspension and seat, touring is comfortable. The Yamaha MT series are designed with touring in mind, and your local Yamaha dealer would have low interest finance deals on the entire MT range, plus a great range of accessories (which you will need).

Big bike touring is ideal in the summer and if you would like to experience a holiday to remember on two wheels, source your nearest Yamaha dealer and take delivery of a touring machine that will give you years of pleasure.


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