Chlamydia and its treatment with the help of Azithromycine


Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease and is caused by a bacterium. It is not as dangerous as its name suggests and can easily be treated with the help of common antibiotics. However, if you do not take the medicine on proper time, you might develop serious complications which would result in a more complex situation for you. As per statistics, more than 96% people get cured with the help of antibiotics and develop no further complications when they are diagnosed with Chlamydia. However, it is important to keep an eye on the symptoms. If you are unable to determine the symptoms in a timely manner, you would not be able to treat it effectively.

When should you get tested for Chlamydia?

It is important to know when it is important to get tested for this sexually transmitted disease. As the description suggests, it is directly related to unsafe sex and following are the times when you should think of getting tested for this ailment:

  • If you are experiencing any symptoms of Chlamydia, you should immediately get tested and see the doctor at your earliest
  • If you had sex with a new partner, you should not ignore this thing and should preferably get tested for this disease
  • It is advisable for females to get tested for this ailment before they are planning to get pregnant
  • If your sex partner tells you that he has been through this ailment, you must get tested for it immediately
  • If your sex safety failed during intercourse, you must go for the Chlamydia test
  • If you think that you might have a sexually transmitted disease, you should not wait for it to spread and get tested at your earliest.

What to do if your results are positive?

If your test results for Chlamydia are positive, you should immediately tell your doctor and he will start a course of antibiotics, preferably Azithromycine 250mg Cipla 6x tabletten tegen seksuele overdraagbare aandoening ofwel SOA. However, in some certain situation, he might not feel comfortable in giving you this dosage and would prefer to go with some lighter dosages. For instance, if you are a pregnant female or are breastfeeding, your doctor might not go with Azithromycine and pick an alternate drug to reduce the complications. Similarly, he might increase the duration of your medication course if he thinks that there could be some complications of the ailment and it is important to deal with those.


There are some side effects of using this antibiotic for the treatment of Chlamydia, however these side-effects are not that severe to get worried about. These side-effects would go away when the course is finished, and you are recovered from the ailment. Some people have reported that they got diarrhea, stomach pains, and they got temperature with regular usage of this medicine. Females have also reportedvaginal thrush issue which is also temporary. You should avoid doing sex during your treatment and must not perform any kind of sexual activity unless you or your partner is fully recovered from Chlamydia ailment.

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